Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It was fun while it lasted...Scrap Stash Studio 2.0

So...bittersweet news my friends.  This phase of Scrap Stash Studio will be no more.  My year-long lease is up at the studio and life is a little too crazy to justify continuing this venture in this way.  So Scrap Stash Studio will be morphing a bit into something different.  It is not going away by any means.  It was really fun and semi-successful but I have new plans for this figurative baby of mine that literal baby number two will be here soon.  My "studio" will be moving to my basement.  My basement, until now, has been a workout room/dumping ground for stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else in the house.  But soon the shelves will be packed with all of the paper, poster, yarn, markers, scissors, glue, and random bits of this and that that are currently housed in the studio.

Hopefully the fabric and thread that have overtaken my kitchen can find a tidy space in the new basement craft room.  The room is much smaller than the studio but with a couple fold-out tables, I may be able to host a craft party of 8-10 people at my house.  But, I have bigger plans than an occasional basement craft session.  I want to have you, my crafty and not-so-crafty friends, to host craft parties at your house.  I have brought up the idea before but not really pursued it very diligently.  Well, now, it is the main avenue I will be embarking on for Scrap Stash Studio.  The way it will work is just like most Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Pure Romance, and Arbonne parties.  You sign up to host and have a group of friends in mind or I round up a group of friends for you, and you invite all of us in to make a fun craft or project over cookies, or dinner, or glasses of wine, or birthday cake, or whatever.  I will charge each attendee for the class.  Prices will vary depending on activity, and all materials and supplies will be provided.  In return for welcoming a group of loud and crazy friends and madness and potential for glitter and paper clippings everywhere, you will craft for free.  Sounds like a deal to me.  So next time you are trying to come up with something to do for a special event or just a unique and fun experience...think of me and my new traveling studio.  Let's make fun things together!  Scrap Stash Studio 2-point-oh...Scrap Stash Studio 2 GO!
That being said, I am ready to host, or have someone else host, a rag rug-making party.  I have 4 trash bags full of t-shirt scraps that we can use to make rugs.

From this ^ this....

It would be a $10 class (free if you host) and I will provide the base for the mat, fabric cutter, cutting mat, scissors, hooks, and all of the t-shirt clippings you will need.  Of course if you would like a certain color variety you can use shirts of your own.  I would recommend going to a thrift store and getting cheap t-shirts if that is your wish.  So if you are interested in attending and/or hosting this craft party, let me know and we will make it happen, even if it happens in my basement. 
PS-the closing of the physical studio comes just in time for the yard sale I will be having at my house on Saturday the 30th.  I will be selling lots of the stuff that filled the studio.  I will have chairs, tables, and shelves from the studio for sale along with all of the typical yard sale-type, clothes, books, etc.  I will have some quilts and crocheted items for sale as well.  So come shop.  Or if you are looking for anything in particular, hit me up before the sale and I can let you know if I have it. 

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