Monday, November 18, 2013

And so it begins...

So begins the journey of SCRAP STASH STUDIO...or at least the website part.  This is a dream that has been years in the making, with the past few months being dedicated pursuit of the goal.

The concept behind Scrap Stash Studio evolved from the realization that Pinterest has become a booming site that has brought out the creativity and artistic ability that people didn't know they possessed.  So now many people, including myself, spend lots of time doing projects at home alone...or in the company of those not as artistically minded.  Then some of us try our hand at selling those projects on websites like Etsy while others don't realize their potential for profit at all.

Here is how I plan on solving this problem along with the help of my community.  The community I am referring to is Soddy Daisy, TN and the surrounding areas.  Here, if your favorite hobbies do not involve rifles, bows, fishing lines, or muddy tires, you don't really have a place to call your own.  In comes Scrap Stash Studio.

And keeping this studio up and running will take the effort of all of us "artsy folk."  It will rely on donation of leftover art and craft supplies, connections, furniture, and sometimes time.  It will rely on people like us trusting enough that our finished projects are worthy of a buyer...enough that we would be willing to pay in advance for shelf space with the belief that others will love our art as much as we do.  It will require confidence in the fact that others will pay to put OUR art on THEIR shelf or wall or yard.  It will rely on artists being willing to teach others how to do what they do, trusting that we will use our OWN creative ability to add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to the finished project.  It will require attendance!!!  It will require bragging about how fun and awesome and unique Scrap Stash Studio is so we can bring in the masses.  It will require people to love the studio so much that they want to have birthday parties, and team parties, and baby and wedding showers, and small group gatherings there.  Most of all, it will require the input of creative minds to make this place as unique and exciting as it can be and make all of those "city folk" jealous.