Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspire Me Monday

I wrote this last Monday but forgot to publish it...enjoy!

Hello there, friends!

I've got a bad case of the Mondays.  This is not a complaint.  I am just sharing information.  I am a teacher, and it is the Monday after Spring Break.  Enough said.

My break was fantastic and restful and packed with fun!  My husband and I went to California to see his family and it was very refreshing.  We had a blast.  We started the week with a baseball game that went 13 innnings.  My almost 1 year old stayed up for the WHOLE GAME!!!  About 4 hours past his bedtime.  An avid sports fan like his daddy.

So on to Inspire Me Monday...
I am inspired by Cathe Holden.  She has created her dream arts and crafts studio and is bringing in the public   to create things together.  This is very close to what I am envisioning for Scrap Stash Studio.  The vibe in her studio is along the lines of what I am going for.  It is jam packed with all things crafty and it is bright and cheerful.  I picture my studio being a little bit more of a color explosion than her very color coordinated pretty green room, but I do love it.  I am inspired that she didn't just dream it, she made it happen.  And that is what I am planning to do as well.  Here is what she's got going on.  I am a bit jealous, but I guess I am on my way, too.

Here is her before and after.

And look what happened.  She created this place.  Then people came to create with her.

That is my plan.  And I am in the process of making that happen.  I am still not announcing the location yet, but it looks like everything is finally on track.  Before and after pictures and location announcement coming soon.  Get excited!

In the meantime, all of you Chattanoogans can come visit my booth at the downtown YMCA on Saturday.  I will be there all day selling my fun crocheted goodies.  I would love to see all of your smiley faces.