Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspire Me Monday

As I begin the adventure of starting this community art studio, I have made plans on how I can stay connected to all of my little Scrappers (see FAQ if you tilted your head to the side and made a funny face). I have created a tentative schedule to keep all of you posted on this little blog that I home to spruce up in the near future. Sorry it's not too easy on the eyes yet. The new schedule is as follows:
Sunday Showcase-introduce artists selling their work in the studio and make you wanna buy their stuff
Monday-see above
To-Do List Tuesday-the project I've pined to my Pinterest Page that I can't wait to do in the studio
WIPs on Wednesday-for all of us crafters this is works in progress
Thanks for the Scraps Thursday-a shoutout to devoted Stashers who donate to the studio and help this vision 
Finished Product Friday-art and handmade goods created in the studio whether for sale or for keeps
Meet a Scrapper Saturday-an artist who uses the studio, who they are, what they're about, and some of their art
This Monday Jordana Jaffe at inspired me...
I stumbled upon her blog when I found this image on Pinterest

This quote is very encouraging to me. It is exactly what I am planning to do.
What inspired me most was her honesty. She reflected over her year and laid it all out there...the good, the bad, and the ugly and shared what she wished next year to look like. So I will lead by example to show you just who you will be making friends with should you chose to make use of the studio. So here are the milestones that happened in my life between last December 30th and today...
1. January 5th-began volunteering at McKamey Animal Center where I helped shelter dogs find their forever homes like my terrier Roscoe and my pit bull CindyLu did. It has been a pleasure of mine and I made many friends in the process. With the new business and the new baby my volunteer days have been few and far between but that shelter, those dogs, and those people have a special place in my heart.
2. January 29th-painted my first pair of converse shoes and began to see the diversity I could use in my art. 

3. March 17th-finished preparing the nursery for my baby boy.

4. April 4th-I was a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding

5. April 15th- went into preterm labor at 34 weeks but was able to stop it with bedrest

6. May 4th-decided if our little boy was born on the day of Kentucky Derby we would make his middle name the name of the winning horse...but only if Frackdaddy or Itsyourluckyday won...I was pulling for Shea Frackdaddy Strauss...Shea didn't come that day.

7. May 6th- Shea Elijah Strauss was born at 5:12pm three weeks early but healthy as could be

8. May 30th- got semipermanent blue ombré highlights in my hair...not a big deal...but seemed significant to me

9. June 27th- took a 14 hour drive to Texas to see my family...with an 8 week was easy...he slept almost the whole way
10. End of July- beach trip with the fam
11. August 8th- my first day back at work and Shea's first day of daycare
12. End of October-flew to see my husband's family in California
13. December 6th-Shea's first visit with Santa

14. Shea's first Christmas!!!

Looking back it all seems like flowers and rainbows and for the most part it was. I have been so blessed this past year by the joys of motherhood and falling even more in love with my husband. But there were many tears too. Most of them were shed over the realization that I only have so much impact on my high school students as their teacher. I can teach them and love them and discipline them and encourage them all day long at school. But when they go home they go to an environment that is opposite of the one I try to instill at school. This led me to the vision of the community art studio. I want to create a positive environment for students and families to create things that build their confidence and develop their sense of creativity. I feel I can touch people so much more out of the confines of public education. I see it's value and have no complaints about the way things are done I just want to change the culture the students have after they leave the school.

I have also struggled with doubts about the studio and whether I can make it happen and still be a good mother and wife. But this is a calling from God. Of that I have no doubt. And over and over again God has reminded me that what he has started within me he will see through to completion. For every door that has been closed that brought with it doubt, he has opened one I wasn't even searching for. I have to continue to pray for confidence in my dream and the ability to be the wife and mother I was called to be first. Not to be cliche but I know that with God all things are possible, and I know he will provide.

New Years Resolutions-
1. God first, family second, studio third
2. Be more productive with my time.
3. Touch at least one life in a major way.
4. Broaden my creativity.
5. Help others find value in their individuality.

Happy Almost New Years, friends! 
What are your resolutions for 2014?

Monday, November 18, 2013

And so it begins...

So begins the journey of SCRAP STASH STUDIO...or at least the website part.  This is a dream that has been years in the making, with the past few months being dedicated pursuit of the goal.

The concept behind Scrap Stash Studio evolved from the realization that Pinterest has become a booming site that has brought out the creativity and artistic ability that people didn't know they possessed.  So now many people, including myself, spend lots of time doing projects at home alone...or in the company of those not as artistically minded.  Then some of us try our hand at selling those projects on websites like Etsy while others don't realize their potential for profit at all.

Here is how I plan on solving this problem along with the help of my community.  The community I am referring to is Soddy Daisy, TN and the surrounding areas.  Here, if your favorite hobbies do not involve rifles, bows, fishing lines, or muddy tires, you don't really have a place to call your own.  In comes Scrap Stash Studio.

And keeping this studio up and running will take the effort of all of us "artsy folk."  It will rely on donation of leftover art and craft supplies, connections, furniture, and sometimes time.  It will rely on people like us trusting enough that our finished projects are worthy of a buyer...enough that we would be willing to pay in advance for shelf space with the belief that others will love our art as much as we do.  It will require confidence in the fact that others will pay to put OUR art on THEIR shelf or wall or yard.  It will rely on artists being willing to teach others how to do what they do, trusting that we will use our OWN creative ability to add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to the finished project.  It will require attendance!!!  It will require bragging about how fun and awesome and unique Scrap Stash Studio is so we can bring in the masses.  It will require people to love the studio so much that they want to have birthday parties, and team parties, and baby and wedding showers, and small group gatherings there.  Most of all, it will require the input of creative minds to make this place as unique and exciting as it can be and make all of those "city folk" jealous.