Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspire Me Monday-Monika soon-to-be Patel

So normally my Inspire Me Monday posts are about artists and crafters that inspire me with their work.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my inspiration has come from other places lately...most recently from my dear friend, Monika.

This past month has been my most creative month in a while.  I think I can attribute that to lots of things.  First, I would have to say that I have made more things because I have had more orders than I normally do.  I am grateful for that.  It will keep me busy after school gets out for the summer.  My last day of school this year is May 22.  I don't know who is more excited, me or the students.  I like teaching, and I like my kids, but I am glad that school isn't year-round.  All that to say I am glad I have something to keep me busy this summer besides just my little boy and my hubby...who I am super looking forward to spending more time with really soon.

  :)   This is the longest list of orders I have ever had outside of the holiday season.
  1. 4 Mermaid Tail Blanket Wraps-DONE...This is where I can say that inspiration came from a friend.  Blakely, one of my husband's co-workers posted a link to mermaid tail patterns on my Facebook and within a day I had people requesting I make them.  They were really fun to make and I hope I get to make more in the near future.
  2. 2 T-shirt Quilts-DONE
    One is not pictured because it is a surprise.
  3. Heart Quilt-DONE
  4. Secret Special Surprise for my LITTLE brother who is graduating from high school in 2 weeks-WIP (work in progress)
  5. Onezie Quilts for twins-one boy and one girl-WIP
  6. Crocheted Football Headbands-To-do list
  7. Newborn Crocheted Elephant Hat and Diaper Cover-WIP
  8. Teddy Bear Quilt-waiting on fabric to arrive from Etsy

  9. T-shirt Quilt Order-waiting on shirts
  10. Quilt for my dear friend and her Hubby-to-be!-DONE
This dear friend of mine, Monika, has been an inspiration to me since we were roommates and teammates on the track and cross-country team at UTC. 

She is a jack-of-all trades, that woman.  I am inspired by her ambition and ability to throw her whole heart into a variety of hobbies and callings and passions and be a rockstar at all of them.  If this tells you anything about her, her wedding is next Saturday and she spent literally all day yesterday preparing for her physical therapy final today.  Next year she will be graduating from PT school.  So yesterday her only break was catching up on life with me over some Crust Pizza.  I felt special.  As I pulled up to her house to park my car, I was greeted by a giant community garden that Monika created herself.  It has brought the people of the community together and is a source of food and fun for the neighborhood.  And she made it on her own.  No one asked her to or paid her to or praised her for it.  She just saw a need in the community and an empty lifeless space owned by a neighborhood church and she asked them if she could give it life.  Look at it now.  It used to be a lot overrun with weeds and now it is a beautiful garden.

I am so excited about the new adventure she is soon embarking on with a great man.  I just pray that her marriage is as much of a treasure and light in her life as mine has been.  I pray they continue to make each-other's hearts happy and inspire each-other to more wonderful things.  I can't wait to see what the Patel team does.  Here is a testament to Monika's awesomeness and Pranav's love for her...proof that these two will do more for the world together than they ever would apart.  This is what Pranav said of Monika on their wedding website.

Why I chose Monika

Her determination, honesty, and humility are magnetic. She maintains an active, yet simple lifestyle, helping others and contributing to our community. She's adaptable and all-accepting.  She has an unconditional giving nature in every act.  She's in sync with nature, reads often, and has not missed a single day of journaling since the age of six, which shows discipline, commitment to one life principle. Mark Twain, one of Monika's favorite authors, made a statement when announcing his engagement, and nothing could ring more true for my feelings toward her:
"I am not worrying about whether you will love my future wife or not—if you know her twenty-four hours & then don’t love her, you will accomplish what nobody else has ever succeeded in doing since she was born. She just naturally drops into everybody’s affections that comes across her."

So I have concluded that if Monika can do it all, I can do it all, too.  I can't wait until her wedding next weekend.  It is going to be a blast.
This was her on my wedding day RAPPING...yes RAPPING a "speech" at my reception.  I won't be rapping but I do plan on returning the favor as creatively as possible. ;)
I can't wait to share in her special day in 6 days! Eek!

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