Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To-Do List Tuesday

I plan on getting back into the studio in the very near future and would like some company.  I need your feedback on which classes sound most appealing to you, as well as dates and times that work for you.  I would love to never have a studio event where the voice inside my head is my only company.  Let's fill up those seats.
The next few weekends are off-limits.  My personal to-do list is pretty long until after school gets out...
This weekend-Monika's wedding weekend
Next Wednesday-Shea's Birthday

Next Thursday-My mom comes into town!

Next Friday-Baby doctor and Shea's 2-year well-check!  Crazy how much he has changed since his 1-year check up

Next Saturday-Shea's Birthday Party
Next Sunday-Chill with the family
Saturday the 16th-Sequoyah High School Graduation-SHOUTOUT TO ALL OF MY SENIORS!  Congratulations!  I am so proud of how far you have come since you were just my little freshmen babies 4 years ago! 
My little brother Nathan's graduation from high school.  I cannot believe you are already a senior.  I look forward to all that your next big life adventure brings. 

So my next possible available day for a studio event would be Sunday, May 17th.  Would anyone be interested in any of the following classes on May 17th?  Seriously, let me know if you are free to hang out and make fun things with me.  Here are your options for classes...

1.  T-shirt scrap rag rugs- $10...rag base and t-shirt scraps provided but you are welcome to bring your own shirts too.

2. Custom Planners from books...I have done this class before but would like to try it again.  I made one out of the children's book Peter Pan and have used it all school year.  The class will be $10.  Cost includes needed supplies and binding rings.  Bring your own book or purchase one for just a little extra from my collection.
3. Sewing Party-$5 for studio usage.  I plan on this just being a hang out for my sewing friends and wannabe sewing friends.  I am new to the sewing world...self-taught.  This is something I am proud of but also would love to learn from my veteran stitching friends.  Bring your machines or needles or come empty-handed and we can share materials and knowledge.  We could even do a fabric swap and exchange scraps.  I think this would be super fun and I would love to pick your brains.  Cindy Varner, Katie Turner, Kim Ingle, and Ms. Mary...you all come to mind.  So be there or be square!  :)

I really want to hear what you guys think about these studio event ideas.  Throw out some ideas of your own if you have any.  What is on your Tuesday To-Do list?

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