Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday-Shea

Today is my son's second birthday!

My how time has flown!  

I must say this kid may be the coolest 2-year-old out there.  He is a blast.  Lately he is obsessed...and I mean OBSESSED...with all things sports and Mickey Mouse.  He loves watching baseball, basketball, and hockey.

His two favorite people are the goalie and the umpire.  In his own words he loves them "SO MUCH!" 
He knows the umpire says, "strike one, strike two, strike three, you're out, and SAFE!"  He goes around the house throwing balls, swinging bats, and sliding into imaginary bases.  
Hockey is a new obsession.  He likes to tell us that the goalie wears a helmet, gloves, and pads, and he carries a hockey stick. 
Until a few weeks ago, he could have cared less about cartoons.  But out of nowhere he is now crazy about Mickey Mouse, more specifically, the Road Rally episode.  For that reason, he will be having a Mickey-themed birthday party this Saturday.  I can't wait!  I happened to stumble upon a Mickey Mouse Road Rally cake at Publix.  The design has actually been retired but they said they had one kit left at the store.  I felt like I deserved a mom-of-the-year award when I found this cake.  

Shea is a super-sweet, super-entertaining, super-cuddly, super-fun kid....MOST OF THE TIME.  But let me tell you, he sure is a work in progress.  I am not one to claim my child is perfect.  Lately he has needed frequent reminders to have nice hands and a nice mouth with his friends.  This is code word for no hitting or biting. Bedtime is a fight almost every night. He likes to say no and will make a run for it any chance he gets. And sometimes he uses his dogs as baseball tees. But he is learning to be a person and we are learning to be parents. Life is good and we are blessed with our little work in progress.

On my sewing table (cough cough kitchen table) is one of two twin quilts. I am sewing on the back now. 

What is your work in progress?

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