Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wait Training

To those of you who have been there from the start of this incredible journey, I owe you an apology. You may not know it, but it was brought to my attention today at my church, Calvary Chapel.  The message was about patience. Let me sum up this little journey of mine and tell you what revelation God laid on my heart.

1. I have always dreamed of opening a community art center just for fun. It was one of those things you put on your bucket list thinking there is no way that would ever happen but it's good to dream. 

2. God began little by little to show me how much families in my area need a safe place to interact with others and build relationships in a positive environment. As a high school teacher, I have seen that no matter how much we build up the students inside the walls of the classroom, it can all be for nothing if there is nothing uplifting lies outside of them.

3. On August 25th of 2013, Pastor Frank, my pastor at Calvary Chapel preached a message on David and Goliath. David was a huge underdog. No one but God thought he had a chance. He was too small to take on something so massive. He had no resources or training to take on such a feat. But God told him he could do it. And against all odds, David killed the giant, Goliath, with just one stone and a slingshot.

As I sat in the service I heard the voice of God clearer than I ever have before. He was calling me to be the underdog. Some people think I am crazy. Yes, I am a teacher. Yes, I have a young baby. No, I don't have a lot of money. But I do have a calling. I have been called to start a community art studio to reach out to a generation that is being reached out to in all the wrong ways. I am called to help build positive relationships in the community and draw families closer together. I am called to give people a place to put their God-given gifts on display to share with others. I am called to help people find the individuality in themselves and find what it is they were put here to do. I have been called to create a place where all of this can happen. And I don't have much more than a slingshot and pebble.

4. Then I started to rush things. I had good intentions in doing so. I knew God had called me. He gave me a vision. Then I tried to make it happen. I found a realtor and set out to find a location. I spoke with someone who worked for a community art co-op and was advised to seek nonprofit status. Then there was the government shutdown. I took that as a sign to go a different direction. 

5. I found a location. It cost too much so I went out to gather resources. I should have taken it as a sign to slow down. 

6. Someone went online to see if there was an art studio in the area kind of like the one I am looking to create and stumbled on this website...just a blog with my idea and not much else. She was interested in making use of the studio. She contacted me and we had a conversation about how the timing could be a God thing. Instead of thanking God for this connection and seeking his will in the situation I took this as yet another reason to push faster and chase harder. I unintentionally became pushy, thinking my plan was God's plan instead of waiting for God's plan to play out. 

7. I found another location, perfect and in my price range. I jumped on it. Then I was told someone else was interested and willing to pay more. I was heartbroken. Then 10 days ago I was told they changed their mind and may be willing to take my offer. The landlord was out of town pheasant hunting (only in Soddy...haha) and would be in touch in a week. It's been more than a week so I was planning on calling the realtor on Monday to see if she had heard anything. But this time I am going to wait and let God do his thing....or wait for God to wait to do his thing later. 

Here is why:  (notes from today's sermon)
-Prayer is a pause that seeks direction from God.
-Don't push or self-promote. 
-If God has called you, God will get you there.
-God is not in a hurry.
-Self-interest stinks. It blinds us to the obvious.
-Zeal without knowledge is no good. (And I am definitely not lacking in zeal. I need to seek God for more knowledge.)
-While you wait, seek, serve, and set self aside.

So there it is. I will be waiting and seeking and if you need me I will serve you because I am setting myself aside. God will bring all things together in his perfect time and I am resting in his holiness.

See you when I see you, friends. God bless you in all you peruse. 

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