Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thank You...yes you!

First click the link above. It is a video of a NICU nurse getting some much deserved words and live images of the results of her love and dedication.
Sometimes we don't get the privilege of experiencing what she does in this video. But sometimes it is good to be reminded that the results of our love and effort come days, weeks, months, years down the road.
For those who don't know, our little Patten is the result of the effort, dedication, intelligence, and love of NICU nurses. They may never see little Patten again. And they probably wouldn't recognize him if they did. But he is a smiling, crying, babbling, eating, cuddling example that what they do matters.
Lately I have been giving pep talks and s shoutouts and words of encouragement to teachers. But now I'm giving props and high fives and fist bumps to doctors, caregivers, and nurses.

And the biggest hug goes out to my favorite nurse...who just happens to be my mom! Love you, Ma-muh!

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