Friday, November 13, 2015

3 Reasons (I THINK) My Pageviews Have Skyrocketed

Lately, I am enjoying devoting some of my time to blogging about life and teaching and parenting and making things.  And for some reason, people have started to notice.  Today I learned something pretty exciting.
I made my first post on this blog almost EXACTLY two years ago...11/18/13.  These are the stats I just pulled from my blog today.
Pageviews today: 73
Pageviews yesterday: 9
Pageviews last month: 1,494
Pageviews all time history: 6,569
Truth is...I am still trying to figure that out.  I have a few ideas, but really, I am not positive of anything.  Here is what I do know.
1.  I started trying harder.  I really love writing but had strayed away from it for a while.  I got distracted by the munchkins and the orders and the life.  But then I realized something.  Why not write about the munchkins and the orders and the life?  Why not make my distractions work to my advantage.  It's easy to write about real life.  I decided to let all of you in...whoever you are.
2.  I reached out.  I stopped caring whether or not I would drive my friends crazy if I tagged them in a link on Facebook.  I stopped thinking, "am I posting too many pictures of crocheted mermaid tails?"...INSERT PICTURES OF CROCHETED MERMAID TAILS

I stopped wondering if you guys were looking at your phones or ipads or computer screens thinking, "another quilt, Meredith, really?"  Because, frankly, I don't care if some of you get tired of it.  If some of you aren't tired of it, and feel what I have to say is worth reading, or what I make is worth seeing, then it is okay if a few of you have had enough of me.  There is that red block button you can click if you get tired of seeing my name. 

2.  I got a little lucky.  Somehow, some pretty cool people stumbled upon one of those pictures that I posted and decided they needed what I made. 
And then they decided they liked what I made.  And then they decided to tell their 5 bajillion fans and friends that they liked what I made.  And then those fans decided they wanted to be pretty cool themselves.  And then I got very busy!

3.  I got real about my feelings.  I started writing about my frustrations.  I started writing about all of the things I have to be thankful for.  I started sharing my imperfections.  I like when people are real with me so I figured I would give being real a shot.

All of this traffic has led to more orders than I have ever had.  I love making pretty things.  Making pretty things makes me feel pretty good.  Hence the name Feel Good Friday.

PS-If you are in my little neck of the woods this weekend, come to the Soddy Elementary fall festival from 10 to 3 on Saturday, November 13th, 2015.  I will have a table with all kinds of yarny and fabricy things that would make fantabulous Christmas gifts for someone you love.

Have a fantastical Friday, my friends!

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