Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To-do List Tuesday

I am becoming a crocheting machine.  I love it!  Those mermaid tails are a big hit.  I have 5 adult mermaid tails to complete, all with their own unique look, color combination, and vibe.  The more tails I crochet, the more I enjoy putting a new spin on each one.  No two tails alike!

I also have a memory quilt in the works, like these I have made before.

I sponsor a club at my school that, until recently, has been called the "craft club."  But I teach high school and craft club sounds a bit elementary to me.  This is my first year doing this club but I am loving coming up with new projects to add to the list.  Our current project is a "rag rug."  It is much more time-consuming than I had anticipated.  Following the rag-rug project, I plan on moving into either sewing, crocheting, or cross-stitching depending on the interest level of the students.  I have been brainstorming new names for the club. Craft Club is now officially Fiberworks Studio! Sounds much more sophisticated if I do say so myself.
Our finished rag rug will be sold to help pay for a field trip next semester as well as materials for our next project. 
Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to post, but I will take one ASAP.

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