Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today is Just Tuesday

Today is just Tuesday
Today I have no plan or significant words To share with whoever is interested
Or bored
Or needing inspiration 
I don't blog or write out of habit
Or necessity
I don't feel the need to post every day
Or every week
Or month for that matter
I am not making profit per view of my site
But if someone would like to teach me
I'm game for that 
I normally only write when I am inspired
Or angry
Or excited
Or hurt 
But today I am none of those things
Today is just Tuesday 
And for some reason I was compelled 
To share this nothingness with whoever
And something tells me 
Someone needs to read it
Maybe it's you
Or maybe it isn't
Today was nothing special
Nothing extraordinary 
Today I just taught
I just was
There were no breakthroughs
I didn't have all of their attention
I didn't have one of those
"That's why I'm a teacher" moments
No one made me lose my temper today
I didn't cry over someone else's pain
I didn't feel like teacher of the year
(Even though I had my day planned out
And an essential question on the board
Which is a miracle in itself)
But I don't feel like I failed them either
I picked up my boys
Hit the good ole Soddy Daisy Wal Mart 
For some blue and gray yarn
For my next afghan order
Got some seizure meds from Walgreens
Watched my son play catch
Read him a book or two
Fed my other son a bottle or two 
And wrote up this blog for you 
Maybe, or not
All this to say
Today was just Tuesday
And that is okay with me
I lived to love another day
Maybe tomorrow will be
More than just Wednesday
Or maybe not
Maybe it will be wordless
Or maybe filled with thoughts
Maybe I will be inspired
But tonight this is all I've got

But, I must say this guy is mighty cute.

...And this guy

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