Meet Me

Hi, friends. I'm Meredith....wifey, mommy, and crafty

Wifey....I have an amazing super supportive, incredibly entertaining, rockstar of a husband. Every woman should have a man like him in her life. And every child should have a dad like him. But he's taken. He knows sports more than any person I've ever met. He is a talented rapper but keeps it on the DL.

Mommy......Our first baby boy was born May of 2013. His name is Shea but we call him Sheamus Alanzo for short...for no particular reason at all. He is super-busy and loves all things round and sphere-ish...anything that could perform like a ball. The is a big talker and has already reached the "why" phase at 2 and 3 months.

He became a big brother on the 4th of July 2015. Baby Patten is our little firecracker baby learning what this whole life thing is all about, while Brian and I learn what this whole parenting 2 kids under the age of 3 thing is. What a fantastic stressful super fun and incredible adventure we have before us.

Crafty......I have a very extensive Pinterest board but I actually do the things I find there. I try not to buy craft supplies other than yarn and fabric (which I can never have enough of). Most of my finished projects are made out of junk I have stashed up or random stuff I can get my hands on. Homemade things are my favorite things to have and give. They make my heart smile.

Crazy.....I teach high-schoolers reading and writing...enough said.

If you want to know more come hang out with me virtually or in person.  I think I'm kinda cool-ish.

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